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Professional cleaning service, Kent, Bromley

Who we are

Zara Cleaning Services is not an agency working with contractors, self-employed or temporary staff. We are a cleaning company with extensively trained and security checked personnel. Our professional cleaners work on permanent contracts with us and undergo a minimum of 5 months training before they are sent to any of our clients’ properties. We take your safety very seriously, which is why we comply with a rigorous vetting procedure to ensure we only employ honest, reliable and skillful individuals.

Our home cleaning services cover a variety of housekeeping duties from dishwashing and dusting, to deep cleaning and ironing. What makes Zara Cleaning Services stand out on the market is the flexibility we offer to you. You can choose and change the tasks you need us to perform for you daily, weekly or fortnightly. Our promise to you - we won’t tie you to a fixed number of hours contract. You will always have the freedom to choose the type, frequency and length of the cleaning services you hire us for in accordance to your needs.

Our Mission

Zara Cleaning Services strive to be different and provide an exceptional, luxury cleaning service. We want our clients to enjoy their home clean and tidy at all times without putting extra efforts into it, and at the same time give them the confidence that the people they let in are honest, experienced and reliable.

Our Values

● Customer Satisfaction and Safety

● Transparency

● Outstanding Quality Cleaning Service